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CVSNT 2.5 is a Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) server
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CVSNT 2.5 is a Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) server.
This software is a version control system server that allows you to save and keep every version of your files and if you detect any change or bug you can retrieve all this versions and know exactly what changes were made and find the bug in case there is one. This CVS server allows keep all the versions and only saves the differences between the files so you have all the history of every file for your source code.
This CVS server works with the CVS protocol standard and all the line commands are accepted; even the clients that use these CVS protocol will be ready to connect to this server and commit or update changes on their files. Many of the features of this software has to be configured by commands and even editing and adding some variables to enable some features like, security, communications, etc.
This software allows you to create the repository for your code. You can create it or you can indicate where is located even if it’s a remote repository. For each repository you can grant permissions: read/write, online, publish repository, default repository. For files are different, all files are created read only and the directories inside the repository should be modified by the persons who have rights over the directories, this is granting access to groups or persons on Windows.
It uses SSH protocol to perform the copy and adding the differences on the files. Besides it allows encrypting and compressing the information. It allows browsing history of the files and also can work with multiple developers.
Its installations process is very easy to perform and you will need to reboot your computer once the installation finished. The documentation is companion this software and includes great detail to provide good guide to users; besides it includes Appendixes that contains the line commands with the CVS protocols.
CVSNT runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, HPUX 11i and HPUX Itanium platforms.

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  • CVSNT is a great version control system server that includes many features to work with almost any CVS client. It provides security and control features to provide information related to the changes made on a source code


  • I haven’t found any until now
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